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Alessandra La Via

Alex is an experienced speaker on the topic of creating a mindful relationship with technology within the workplace.


Alessandra La Via, founder of Live More Offline, helps leaders in the digital future of work to enhance wellbeing, performance and belonging, by creating healthy digital habits in an age of constant connection. 

Experiencing an always-on corporate career inspired Alex to walk 34 days on the Camino de Santiago, to change her own digital habits. She has since worked within FTSE 250 / 100 head offices, is a digital wellbeing consultant, and is studying a master’s degree at the University of Aberdeen, researching the impact of technology on wellbeing and the role of mindfulness in behaviour change.

Live More Offline has worked with companies, charities and universities across the UK to support their teams through digital habit change. From email overload, always on working, video call exhaustion to remote isolation, Alex delivers a specialised eight-week Leadership in a Digital Age programme as well as a series of talks and workshops to enhance digital culture at all levels within an organisations.

Alex is an experienced speaker on the topic of creating a mindful relationship with technology within the workplace. She has collaborated with CogX, CIPD, Salford University Workplace Health and Wellbeing Conference, Digital Leaders Festival and Global Workplace Wellbeing Conferences. Alex is experienced in key-note talks, panel and interview sessions and can flex the style to fit within your agenda and vision for an event.

You can book Alessandra for talks and workshops on themes including:

  • Constantly connected: How to care for digital wellbeing and balance in the future of work
  • Digital Productivity: Strategies to boost workplace focus and performance in an age of digital distraction
  • Overcoming Remote Isolation: Caring for loneliness and team belonging in digital teams
  • What leaders need to know about the Three Pillars to a Healthy Digital Culture
  • Social Media, Loneliness and Mental Health: How to create a healthy relationship with social media
  • Diversity and inclusion in a digital culture


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Really enjoyed this. My only wish is that it was on a year ago when I was new in my job and massively struggling! It’s great and I’ll be sharing the stuff about improving connection/ what helps teams with my manager. THANK YOU!!

This Can Happen Global

Fantastic talks held at three of our offices as a part of our Wellbeing Week and great feedback from all attendees… Would hope to work with Alex again in the future.


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